Pastor Abel Aureli Hospitalized

October 14 2018

Brothers and sisters,

I am writing this message today to give an update of my father’s health.  My father arrived at the Massachusetts set on visiting churches who are actively supporting his ministry in Italy.  There is still much work to do therefore visits to the US are crucial to update and continue the long bond that has been built. 

Pastor Abel was set to start his voyage in the US on Tuesday September 18th but on Monday September the 17th we noticed he did not look or feel well.  We rushed him to Winchester Hospital where they determined almost immediately that he was having congestive heart failure.  They noticed his lungs had much fluid and needed to remove it.  After many tests and research, they realized he required an Aortic Valve Replacement.  His valve had the opening of just 3 mm and required another hospital for surgery.  He was transported to MT Auburn Hospital where they realized he was on a medication for over 2 years that caused the help cause the fluid in the lungs which only complicated the situation and delayed the surgery.  The experts at Mt Auburn concluded that it was not wise to perform surgery on Pastor Abel due to the damage, fibrosis, caused by the medication to the lungs so they decided to transfer him to Brigham and Women’s Hospital where they performed the aortic valve replacements while sedated.  After much waiting he finally was able to have the surgery on October 4th.  As all this information comes in we try to call Italy with updates until Pastor Abel’s daughter, Joy, was brought over to keep Pastor Abel company during the day, updating everyone with information and making sure he was comfortable.  Joy left her son at home to be with Pastor Abel’s wife who was not able to leave the country due to her expired passport.  We expected things to turn at this point but his only kept deteriorating.  Doctors wanted to wait to add a pacemaker to help his heart and the more they waited the worse things became.  On October 8th, doctors realized that a pacemaker was needed but it was a long weekend and they could only add a temporary pacemaker until the following week when doctors and experts were back which only made things worse which contributed to him being transferred to ICU.  Fluid returned to his lungs and at one point he become delusional for a short amount of time.  Finally, on October 10th they were able to perform a pace maker procedure.  He seems much better now that he has a pace maker. 

He is still in the hospital at this time but is expected to recover.  The doctors do not know when he will be able to leave due to the remaining fluid in his lungs, but it is only a matter of time. 

My father sends his love to everyone and appreciated all the prayers.


Daniel Aureli