Millions of people who live in small towns and villages throughout Italy, are hungering for God's good news, but they have never had a chance to hear of God's love because no one has ever told them!

For almost 2,000 years they are born in a dark religion; they have been told that if they will stick with their religion they could even make it to "purgatory", and somehow hope to have a rich relative who will offer indulgence for their sins and get them out of Purgatory (with the help of Mary of course!)

Operation Italy Christian Mission, Inc., has been formed for the specific purpose to deliver them the good news of Christ. Operation Italy is a Spirit filled non-denominational, evangelistic and church-planting ministry, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and it is exempt from income taxes under the revenue laws of the United States of America.

We are Born Again Bible-believing Christians, saved by grace and called by our Lord through a vision, to share the good news to those who have never heard it before.



Pastor Abele Aureli
Operation Italy Christian Mission Inc.
Casella Postale Succ. 2
03100 Frosinone, Italy